Serbia – Monastery Tour

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Serbia – Monastery Tour

Monastery tour

Period: April – October


1st day – Belgrade:
Picking up the group at the airport and accommodation in the hotel. In the evening a short stroll in the center of the town (Str. Knez Mihajlova, Terazije, The Republic Square…) and going to Skadarlija (, bohemian quarter in the very center of Belgrade, for supper. Skadarlija, a cobble paved street, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, was famous for being a favorite meeting place of well known Belgrade bohemians, poets, painters, actors from the nearby theater, as well as of many lovers of good alcoholic drinks, socializing and spoken word with friends. Over all these years of progress and modernization of the city and society Skadarlija has managed to preserve the spirit of old times and just because of that has become a favorite site to citizens of Belgrade and many tourists. Return to the hotel. Overnight.
2nd day Belgrade:
Breakfast. City tour: Sv. Sava Church, Terazije, The Republic Square, National museum, Student Square, Belgrade fortress – Kalemegdan, Cathedral Church, Etnographic museum, The Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Str. Knez Milosa, Bulevar mira, Memorial Center Josip Broz Tito … Free afternoon and evening. Overnight.
3rd day Belgrade – Krušedol – Sremski Karlovci – Novi Sad – Belgrade:

Breakfast. Departure for Krušedol (serbian orthodox monastery on the south side of mount „Fruška Gora“, built at the start of 16. century). Continuation of the trip for Sremski Karlovci. City tour: Cathedral Church, Patriarchal court, Karlovci High School… Touring and dinner on one of the salaš (farms) for which this part of Serbia is exceptionally famous. Continuation of the trip to Novi Sad. Panoramic sightseeing of Novi Sad: Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbian National Theatre, Freedom Square…. Return to Belgrade at evening hours. Evening off. Stay overnight.
4th day Belgrade – Topola – Knić – Žiča Monastery – Vrnjačka Spa:
Breakfast. Check out of the hotel and departure for Topola. Touring of the old city in Topola as well as the Mausoleum of the Serbian royal family on Oplenac. Continuation of the trip and going to a traditional lunch in the village of Knić. After lunch, going to the Monastery Žiča (an early 13th century monastery, built by the first King of Serbia, Stefa the First-Crowned). Continuation of the trip and arrival to the Vrnjačka Spa. Check in at the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.
5th day Vrnjačka Spa – Studenica – Sopoćani:

Breakfast. Check out of the hotel and departure for Studenica (one of the largest and richest monasteries of serbian orthodox church, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list). Lunch in the monastery. After lucnh departure for Sopoćani (built in the second half of the 13th century, and also a World Heritage Site). Accommodation near the monastery. Dinner. Overnight.
6th day Sopoćani – St. Peter’s Church – Kruševac:


Breakfast. Departure for St. Peter’s Church – St. Peter’s Church in Rasa near Novi Pazar represents the oldes monument of church architecture in Serbia and it served as the ecclessiastical seat of the Serbian church, and as the baptismal church and state council site of the Nemanjić dynasty, until the last years of the 12th century. Free time for lunch. After lunch departure for Kru[evac. Dinner. Overnight.
7th day Kruševac – Ravanica – Belgrade:
Breakfast. Tour of the Church Lazarica (located n the centre of Kruševac, built by Prince Lazar between 1375-1378). Continuation of the trip to Ravanica (women monastery that contains the relicsof Prince Lazar, built in the second half of the 14th century). Continuation of the trip for Belgrade. Check in at the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.
8th day Belgrade:
Breakfast. Free time before the airport. Flight for…


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Package includes:
– transfer airport-hotel-airport
– 6 half boards in 3* hotels according to the program
– 1 night in monastery
– lunches and dinners as in the program
– sightseeing with local guide and entrence fees
– expenses of the organization of the trip and leadership of the trip

Package does not include:
– airplane tickets
– supplement for 1/1 room (on request – only in hotels)
– individual expenses


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